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Leonello Calvetti is an established still life product photographer with a background in CGI and now also expertise in Ai-generated imagery.  

 With years of experience mainly in advertising and a portfolio featuring many prestigious worldwide clients, He is known for meticulous attention to detail and innovative composition that captivates viewers.

Transitioning from CGI artistry to still life photography, Leonello expertly captures the allure of beverages, the intricacy of watches, the beauty of cosmetics, and the elegance of accessories. Over many years His dedication to excellence and ability to evoke emotion through imagery have earned him a trusted reputation in the industry.

As a professional photographer, he continues to push creative boundaries, ensuring each project is a masterpiece. Explore Leonello's portfolio to witness the magic of still life photography reimagined.

Here are some of the clients Leonello Calvetti has worked for 

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